Greetings from Zagreb App


Choose between maps

You can choose between a 1926 map of the city or a modern Google map and see all 10 locations placed on a map. 

Send or share old postcards

Send up to 5 old postcards per location to friends and family. You can write a personalised message just like on a real postcard – but this time it will arrive in seconds!

The lives of others

Read the back of the postcards – from a worried mother to lovers exchanging admiration – it was a predecessor of text messages we use today.

Take a historic walk

Let the app take you on a 10 location route through the most beautiful Zagreb landmarks – squares, streets and buildings waiting for you to discover them.

Check out how it looked then and how it looks now

You don’t even have to be phisically in Zagreb beacuse our cool Now&Then feature has a slider that shows you how the City changed through years. 

Want to see more?

We have a lot more postcards, just follow the link to our Digital Collection and enjoy many others as well as in-depth metadata for each postcard.

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